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At ATTIC we believe in conducting research which helps us inform action, prove theories, contribute to a field of knowledge, facilitate learning, understand issues, increase awareness, prove lies and support truth, implement research impact, find gaps, gauge and size opportunities. ATTIC is developing relationships with both public and private entities, including universities and relevant professional industry bodies. This will enable us to carry out and publish research, train, educate, consult, and continue to be the industry leader in AML/CFT for New Zealand. 

The research team focuses on exploring the gaps within the fields of AML and CFT, to produce high quality research outputs. Our chosen research field encompasses a range of different research topics, including; data protection, ethics, money laundering effects on crime, legal strategy, prevention, security issues, organised crime, cryptocurrencies, social and political harm, suspicious transactions in real estate and many more. 


Additionally, ATTIC has a strong commitment to Research Impact. Our goal is to FIND OUT so that we can positively shape local, regional, national, and international social and economic development. 


How will ATTIC's Research help you?

We want YOU to benefit from our expertise and so we also run a variety training sessions in order to do just that.

We hold various webinars at fixed times every week. These 30 minute sessions are open to everyone and cover AML/CFT basics. These can all be found here and more information about our training can be found here.

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Interested in Partnering with Us?

Please contact us or visit our FAQ if you need any further information. 


"TICC understands the importance of R&D and the value of working with UniServices to innovate continuously.


This new collaboration between TICC, Cyber Security Foundry and UniServices will initiate development of innovative cyber security techniques to play an important role in NZ’s AML industry and the public sector."

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